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Greenwood Primary & Nursery School

Welcome to

Greenwood Primary & Nursery School

Bringing out the best in everyone

Year 4 - Parrots and Goats

Welcome to Year 4!




We are Parrots and Goats.


The Year 4 Team

Our Teachers are:


Mrs Morris and Mr Brown

Contact information:
Mr Brown -

Mrs Morris -

Our Teaching Assistants are:

Miss Hutchinson and Mrs Dabell

Our Care Assistant is:

Mr Wilcockson

Year 4 notices:

Please see recent newsletter with the information you need for the Autumn term.  

Information on the Multiplication check that takes part in Year 4.

Value Superstars 


Every Friday we are going to award one child from each class a "Value certificate".

These values are part of the Flying High Trust. They are:












Miss Tucker will host an assembly every Friday in school. If your child is selected for an award then you will receive a message on Class Dojo with the information.


Alongside this, we will be awarded two Reading stars per week based on their commitment and enjoyment of reading. 

Our final certificate will be our Curriculum Scholar - where we will focus on awarding a certificate linked to one of our foundation subjects. 

Good Luck Year 4!


Our Science Topics


Please click on the title below to view our Science Mat. Please help your child to be familiar with the key vocabulary.

Our Enquiry this term is - Romans -

What does it mean to leave a legacy?

 See our knowledge mat below for key vocabulary, key texts and relevant information to help at home.


Our Enquiry for the Spring term is - Rivers - Does a Journey have to end? See our knowledge mat below for key vocabulary, key texts and relevant information to help at home.


Our Enquiry for the Summer term is - Art and DT - Is Art enjoyed by all? See our knowledge mat below for key vocabulary, key texts and relevant information to help at home.

Our topics...

Autumn: History focus- Romans (Escape from Pompeii and Vesuvius Poovius)

Spring: Geography focus- Rivers and Electricity (Journey to the River Sea) 

Summer: Art Focus- Egypt (The Crayon Man, Non-Fiction Egyptian tests and Art texts)



We want children to feel more comfortable with doing homework and for them to see it more as an extension of their learning, so…



Each Monday a spelling list will be included in your child’s diary every other Monday on a rolling two week programme, these are the spellings that your child will be learning in class. Some may come from the Year 4 word bank and the rest will follow a particular pattern. Please help and encourage your child to learn their spellings as this is so important for their reading and writing! Your child will also bring home a copy of their scores after being screened on the Year 2, 3 and 4 spellings, which will show them which ones they need to practice (in whatever time they wish to use) before being screened again during the next half-term.



Children will be set homework every Friday on Purple Mash, this will need to be completed by the following Friday. Also we will be setting Times Table Rock Star battles biweekly. 

Children will earn raffle tickets for completing it! This will give them a better chance of earning a prize from the raffle prize box!



At Greenwood we support children with their behaviour principles of emotional coaching and restorative approaches.


The five essential steps of Emotion Coaching:


  • Be aware of a child’s emotion
  • Recognise a child’s expression of emotion as a perfect moment for support and teaching
  • Listen with empathy and validate a child’s feelings
  • Help a child learn to label their emotions with words
  • Helping a child to solve problems or deal with upsetting situations appropriately


"Helping children and young people to understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur and how to handle them."   (Gottman 1996)


Restorative approaches enable those who have been harmed to convey the impact of the harm to those responsible, and for those responsible to acknowledge this impact and take steps to put it right. Restorative approaches refer to a range of methods and strategies which can be used both to prevent relationship-damaging incidents from happening and to resolve them if they do happen. Restorative approaches are built on values which separate the person from the behaviour. They promote accountability and seek to repair any harm caused in a situation


‘Bringing out the best……in everyone!’


For more information about how we celebrate positive achievements, how the behaviour charts in the classroom are used, further support or exclusion information please look on the ‘Parents’ tab of the website and view the full policy.



Greenwood Primary and Nursery School

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