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Computing at Greenwood:


At Greenwood school we take online safety extremely seriously. Technology is a fantastic invention and we encourage children wherever possible to use technology in their work. Online safety is taught throughout the school whilst building on a progression of skills across year groups. We encourage parents and carers to support the use of online safety at home also. Please see the "Parenting in a digital world" document for further information. 


In order to keep us safe online all pupils who use a computer have had an agreement (Pupil Accesible User agreement) signed by our parents or carers. We remind our children of the online safety rules whenever we use computers. If a child does not return their online safety agreement then they will not be able to use a computer.


If a child does not use a computer sensibly and follow the rules of this agreement both in and out of school then they may be banned from using a computer or offered limited access rights.


Please see below a copy of this document.


Here is our E-safety policy for the school.

Parenting in a digital world- A guide for Online safety for parents and carers

Helping keeping your child safe online


At school we use the SMART rules to keep the children safe when working online. These are displayed in all areas where there is computer access.


Please click below to see the SMART rules for Key Stage One and Foundation Stage.

In Key Stage Two these rules slightly different and discuss the ways children should stay safe both inside and outside of school.

Reporting content online:


All the computers at Greenwood have a link to the CEOP website where there is a form for reporting content and websites which the children do not like. You could add this link to your home computer by visiting

Online safety education: 


To educate the children about staying safe online we use the Think U Know website

Helping your child to stay safe


Here are several parent guides to help your child stay safe online and with technology. We hope you find them useful. 

With the summer holidays just around the corner, children are looking forward to having more free time. For many, this will be spent online. Parents do worry about what their children are doing online and need ongoing support.  It is a great timely reminder of the key Safety Net messages and how to set parental controls, supporting your commitment to promoting online safety. See the poster below for online safety tips. 







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