7th September: Covid-19 Symptoms and School Response

It's really difficult to word texts when you're limited by the number of letters/spaces you type(160) so I'm so sorry if my text this morning was confusing.
We know quite a few children have developed colds due to recent low temperatures/heating going back on at home etc.
We've had a lot of parents asking us about it this morning especially in respect of a cold but no other symptoms. Our guidelines say that if it's a cold and they don't feel well it's as normal - only send them if they are well enough, but they don't need a test. If they present any of the Covid-19 Symptoms like high temperature, cough or loss of senses of taste or smell, then they do need a test and can't come back unless that test is negative and nobody else in their household has symptoms. If any of their family do have symptoms, all the family must be tested and they must wait until all the family's tests are negative. If any are positive they have to stay at home with those they live will for 14 days from the date of the positive test. Tests are quick so arrange sometimes the same or next day and the results come back 24hours later. Therefore if you have one child with symptoms, it is advised you keep all siblings at home too as a precaution. If the symptomatic chil's test is negative and nobody else in the house has symptoms they can all come back.

This may be inconvenient after having so much time away from work, but we have a duty of care to protect the children and adults in the building. If a child is self isolating and well enough to work, please email your child's class teacher and work from home can be arranged. 

If a child develops symptoms at school, your child will go with a member of staff to one of our isolation rooms. Parent or Carer will be telephoned immediately to collect their child (and other children) as soon as possible. You will be directed on arrival to the room via the external door.

You must then book a test and follow the isolation guidance until the test is received (and thereafter if the test is positive or the child is still symptomatic) Tests can be arranged by calling 119 or by going online.

You must notify school immediately of your test results. Those who receive a negative result, may return to school if nobody else in the home or they themselves have symptoms. (See above)

If positive the family has to self isolate for 14 days and all get tested. After this they can return unless they still have a high temperature.

Parents will be informed if their child has been in close contact with anyone who tests positive. We cannot reveal the name of the child who has tested positive to you, unless it is essential to protect others.

This is all in line with Government guidance.

Thank you for your support

Miss Kim Tucker




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We all work together and understand that our strive for excellence needs to be relentless; that our children have the self-confidence to attempt to achieve anything and the resilience to persevere with the challenges of today and the unknown challenges of the future.

Teamwork plays a crucial role in all we do but we also encourage independence to develop the confidence to take risks and make their own decisions

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