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Greenwood Primary & Nursery School

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OFSTED & Parent View

This link will take you directly to the OFSTED website to see our latest reports:

We always welcome feedback. OFSTED has a Parent View section where you can tell them what they think too. Please can I ask that you dont use this in haste if you have a complaint, please follow our complaints policy (see the Policies tab at the top) as once it is posted, you cannot remove it and we could have resolved your issue or cleared up any misunderstandings very quickly.


Parent View helps OFSTED gain a parents' perspective of the school before they arrive so it's good to put on all your positive views too. If you'd like to put something on please use this link :  It's really easy to use.


Annually we seek the views of parents via a questionnaire. Our most recent feedback from parents can be found in the September Issue of our Greenwood Gazette. (School Newsletter)


To see information on our latest performance GOOGLE 'Data Dashboard' which is an OFSTED site and type in our school name. It will give you information about our performance and figures on attendance compared to other schools.



Greenwood Primary and Nursery School

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