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At Greenwood, we are proud to take part in our international work! As a school, we have been accredited with the International Schools Award and we have also been re-accredited for the Year 2016-2019.


As a school, we believe that international education should be one of the most important subjects in our curriculum. We work hard to promote British Values by helping children to study and learn about the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those people with different faiths, cultures and beliefs.


We seek to promote language learning that is fun and inclusive for children across all key stages as well as encourage cross-curricular links to ensure that children see a real purpose for languages.


Day of Languages


On the 20th October, we celebrated the day of languages. Children in every year group focused on the work of a famous scientist/inventor who contributed to their society and the world as we know it today. The day was launched with an assembly, where the children identified famous landmarks across the world, and classes got the chance to work with different teachers, learning about different scientists.


The classes completed a piece of work to reflect their understanding of the theories and inventions of these scientists, learned some of the language and had little conversations with other members of the class.


We are pleased with the work we did! Please see photos below to see some of it.

Language of the half term


We are committed to the children learning a foreign language. In Key Stage 2, the children learn French. As our commitment to helping the children become global citizens and promoting languages which are spoken by some of the families in our communities, we focus on a different language each half term.


Autumn 1 – Italian

Autumn 2 – French

Spring 1 – Latvian

Spring 2 – Tamil

Summer 1 – Polish

Summer 2 – Romanian


To help our children we use a fantastic website which uses children who are native speakers.


Click on the link below to access the webpage.



Greenwood Primary and Nursery School

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