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Welcome to our E-Team page!




Did you know we have a lovely pond at Greenwood? It has 5 fish in that our children went to the pet shop and picked! It is also FULL of tadpoles at the moment. 

Children in school have been enjoying the weather and learning about them.  Miss Hickton took some home and wants to share their life cycle so far. If you want to do fun activities with them please do. If you want to email any tadpole related work to it will be shared on here.  Remember ART & CRAFTS and SCIENCE are good ways of learning too.


Special Thanks to Jak Clements from Year 6. He has informed me that tadpoles will eat the old spawn (eggs where they hatched from). He said to put some stones at the bottom of the pots for them. He said to change the water frequently for them and that I can feed them boiled lettuce and egg yolk!


Some questions - Jak knows the answers! 

Jak said to watch out they don't become carnivores. What are carnivores?

Jak said not to use tapwater for them, why do you think this is?


DAY 1 


Can you help us? Why are the tadpoles at the top like this?  Have I fed them the correct food with cucumber?






Can you help? It looks like the snail is doing a POO!!!! Will the tadpoles eat it? 



UPDATE - LOOK HOW THEY HAVE GROWN! How long do you think it will be until they get little legs?



Fancy doing some tadpole work? Send me photos of it if so.  You could make a life cycle mobile, a life cycle on a paper plate or do me an observational drawing of a tadpole close up. Ideas...

Look at the amazing watercolours of our pond and tadpoles from KS2 this week!

About Us


At Greenwood two children from each class are in E-Team.  They meet every week with Mr Jackson in Badgers Class.


E-Team help save energy in school and bust classes for things like leaving lights on and leaving taps dripping.


Latest News


- We have now passed our Green Flag award 3 times.

 - We have just taken part in Purple for Polio day to raise awareness and to raise money to eradicate polio for ever.

-Please continue to send your old clothes and shoes to the RAGTEX clothing bank at the front of school. We have used money raised from this to buy two shelters for the children to play in, extra cameras for school and outdoor chalkboards for the playgrounds.


We are very proud to say we are a GREEN FLAG Eco School. 


Weekly Meetings: 


We have three areas to focus on for our meetings:


- Improving the school grounds

- Saving Energy

- Reducing waste


Solar Panels


At Greenwood we have solar panels on our roof! We hope 120 panels will help save energy and money!



Eco Code 


All of our class create their own Eco-promise about how they are going to save energy and promote the environment around them. 




Greenwood Primary and Nursery School

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