Helping your child with Reading and Writing

Pupil entitlement for English in our school

In English, all children will… 

Master the ability to Communicate by:

  • Having the opportunity to rehearse ideas verbally
  • Talking with partners and in groups
  • Experiencing opportunities to extend vocabulary by hearing good role models who use Standard English
  • Having the chance to learn through drama and story telling
  • Providing a wide range of experiences that expand their understanding
  • Children being supported to communicate effectively at their level


Master the ability to Read by:

  • Accessing a wide range of quality texts
  • Quality first teaching in the teaching and application of reading skills
  • Having the opportunity to learn and apply a range of different strategies
  • Showing understanding and expressing themselves creatively
  • Being given the opportunity to communicate with authors
  • Having the time to enjoy reading
  • Developing a personal reading identity


Master the ability to Write by:

  • Experiencing hooks to inspire and engage
  • Being exposed to and use new vocabulary
  • Experiencing different genres
  • Having a clear purpose and audience
  • Having the opportunity to publish and share
  • Editing and improving through self and peer assessment
  • Having access to creative and imaginative models that inspire self-motivated high expectations
  • Building upon and mastering new techniques

Great Readers, Writers and Communicator’s…


* Are confident to have a go

* Show perseverance and resilience

* Tackle challenges with enthusiasm

* Use strategies when you’re stuck

* Make relevant links across the curriculum

* Express and justify opinions in an appropriate way

* Use your resourcefulness to satisfy your curiosity

* Demonstrate your creativity

* Independently apply skills in different contexts

  • Use Standard English to communicate articulately
  • Love Reading and Writing!

English Policy at Greenwood.