Helping your child with Maths



Timestables Rockstars


-So far at Greenwood, over 800,000 questions have been answered correctly by Greenwood pupils!

-We are within the top 10 schools in our wider area for accuracy percentage of correct questions answered-WOW!

-Please encourage your child to continue to practise at home to increase both speed and accuracy! 

Well done everyone!

Our principles for teaching mathematics

-The expectation that the vast majority of children can achieve the age related expectation

-The large majority of children can progress through the maths curriculum at broadly the same rate

-Keen emphasis on deepening knowledge and understanding through individual support and intervention

-Staff carefully craft lessons and resources to foster a deep understanding for all pupils

-Our teaching is underpinned by careful and thoughtful curriculum design

-Encouragement of consistent practise of key skills to ensure these are consolidated in any child's learning

-Interventions are focussed on a 'keep up' rather than a 'catch up' basis

-Clear focus on questioning to lead and direct our children's learning 


 How are mathematics lessons structured at Greenwood?

  1. Anchor Task

Each lesson starts with an 'anchor task', which is the way in which we introduce the lesson to the children and find out about any of the prior knowledge the children have. This is also a great tool for your child's teacher to assess who made need additional support or challenge. 

       2.Guided Practise

This is the element of the lesson where your child's class teacher guides the lesson towards the children achieving the learning objective through probing questioning, examples and strategies for answering similar questions

      3. Independent Practise 

The children are given the opportunity to independently practise the skills that have been explored throughout the lesson. This gives children the opportunity to become resilient learners. 

     4. Challenge

Children are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the day's learning through a 'challenge' question. Children are then encouraged to challenge their friends and answer peer questions. 

 Please see our Mathematics Policy for further information. 

Parental Engagement  


 We have recently held a Maths Workshop for EYFS, Key Stage One and Two parents that was well received. 

The children enjoyed teaching their parents about the way in which they are taught maths at Greenwood. 

Parents had the opportunity to see their child in a maths lesson during out Maths Open Afternoon and came to a maths lesson of their own from our talented teachers.

Thank you to all of those parents that supported your child!


Parent Feedback

"It's nice to know what my child is learning in maths and how it is taught. The way that the teacher showed us how the children learn to add bigger numbers was totally different from the way I learned'. 

'It was helpful that the walls in the classroom showed what the children were learning that week' 

'This year, my child loves maths. She feels more confident to have a go'.

Here are some of our 'Help at Home' booklets for Maths!

Maths at Greenwood.

Maths at Greenwood Year 2.

Year 3-Parents Workshop

Year 4- Parents Workshop

Year 5 - Parents Workshop - Fractions.

Year 5- Parents Workshop- Four Operations. 

Year 6 Parents Workshop