Greenwood sells a wide range of uniform items complete with our name and logo. As we are aware this is financially limiting to some parents we do allow children to wear non-logo items as long as they are the correct school colours (see below). Uniform must be worn by all children. If your child does not wear the correct uniform they will be questioned by staff. Please try to support us by ensuring your child has the appropriate uniform every day for both school and PE times.


School Uniform:

Navy sweatshirt or cardigan

Black/Navy/Grey trousers or skirt

White or Pale Blue Polo Shirt

Black Shoes – or black trainers (sensible strapped sandals may be worn in the warmer weather)


We try to offer a wide range of activities and this means that your child will need the following items during the year:


P.E. Indoor Kit:                                                 P.E. Outdoor Kit:

T-shirt: Plain white                                         Sweatshirt       

Shorts: Black or navy                                      Tracksuit bottoms

Girls may wear a leotard if they wish                Trainers



Additional uniform items are available but not compulsory. These include a fleece, coat and hat for colder months. Please ask for a uniform order form at the school office. Children at Greenwood are proud to wear our uniform as it means they are part of the team.

The most important thing to remember for all clothes and shoes is all these items should be marked with the child’s name so that lost items can be returned to their owners. The lost property mountain of un-named clothes can be found in the school hall. Please ask at the office if you wish to look through it.