The SENCOs for Greenwood School are Mrs Lisa Grice (KS1) and Miss Anneka Appleby (KS2).


At Greenwood Primary and Nursery School we provide education for all pupils through a variety of access strategies including appropriate differentiation, resources, support and facilities as necessary. All pupils’ individual needs are met and we actively remove barriers to learning to accommodate and value all pupils’ diversity.


All pupils are entitled to receive, within a suitable peer group, a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that will ensure progression. The school will, within the context of services available, seek the relevant support and advice from the LEA, in order to facilitate pupils’ inclusion.


Aims   At Greenwood Primary and Nursery School we aim to:


  • To include all pupils in the full life of the school.
  • To raise aspirations and attainment of all children in school.
  • To continue to raise staff awareness of inclusion by ongoing staff development and training.
  • To maximise the learning potential of every child and raise educational attainment for all.
  • To promote the personal, social, moral and cultural development of all children.
  • To recognise and celebrate the progress and achievements that all members of the educational community make.
  • To develop inclusive practices throughout the educational community and so to promote equality of access and opportunity for all learners.
  • To ensure that resources for SEND are closely matched to needs.
  • To work together with all partners in the education of the pupil.
  • To continuously monitor and evaluate the success of our policy.


If you would like to speak to us about any Special Educational Needs issues, please contact reception  and we will be happy to make a suitable appointment with you.

Please find below links to our policies and reports: 

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