Meet the Staff at Greenwood!

Our Senior Leadership Team

Miss Kim Tucker (Head Teacher & Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Sarah Gilbody (Deputy Head Teacher, Safeguarding Lead and Leader of Learning in Early Years Foundation Stage , SLE)

Mrs Lisa Grice (Assistant Head teacher, Owls Class Teacher and Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 SENCO, Senior Mental Health Lead, NQT Mentor, SCITT Mentor)

Miss Anneka Appleby (Assistant Head Teacher, Owls Class Teacher and Key Stage 2 SENCO- Senior Mental Health Lead, LAC Designated teacher)


Extended Leadership Team:

Miss Shelley Hickton (Pupil Premium Champion,  Assessment co-ordinator, Class Teacher in Elephants)

Mrs Gemma Goff (Leader of Learning in Nursery, Class Teacher in Caterpillars)

Mrs Emma Snowden (Class Teacher in Meerkats- Literacy leader)


Our Other Class Teachers are:

Miss Sarah Aspinall (Class Teacher in Caterpillars 0.2- Geography Coordinator)

Mrs Julie Hurd (Class Teacher in Red Admirals- RE Coordinator) 

Miss Lizzie Moore (Class teacher in Purple Emperors - Computing Coordinator)

Miss Sophie Jackson (Class Teacher in Rainbow Fish )

Mrs Katie Preston (Class Teacher in Jellyfish)

Mr Danny Brown (Class Teacher in Sharks)

Miss Hannah Tomkinson (Class Teacher in Starfish)

Miss Harriet Evans (Class Teacher in Orangutans - History Coordinator)

Miss Ashleigh Roberts (Class teacher in Chameleons)

Miss Hollie Westley (Class Teacher in Chipmunks and Science Coordinator)

Mr Andy Jackson (Class Teacher in Badgers - Cultural Coordinator, Maths lead

Mrs Hayley Annia (Class Teacher in Elephants- MFL Coordinator) 

Mrs Rebecca Fryatt (Class Teacher in Penguins, Teaching and Learning Lead) 


Our Lovely Office Ladies:

Mrs. Ryan (School Business Manager)

Mrs. Bull (Office Assistant) - Maternity Leave

Miss Rosie Sharp (Office Administrator)

Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors and Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Debbie Aspinall (PE and School Games Leader)

Miss Bev Shore (Teaching Assistant- Early Years Language Lead)

Mrs Laura Priestley (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Dawn Dabell (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Laura Allsopp(Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sharon O' Donnell (Teaching Assistant and Nurture Lead)

Mrs Carol Naylor (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Michelle Gore (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Claire Hodgkinson (Pupil Support)

Mrs Amy Jermy (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Anna Pearson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Nichola Johnson (Caterpillars Group Leader)

Mrs Tracey Darrington (Caterpillars Group Leader)

Mrs Kat Harris (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sharon Gladwin (Care Assistant)

Miss Hayley Key (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Tamara Bonser (Teaching Assistant)

Mr Neil Clemerson (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Samantha Nix (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Charlie Dawn (Care Assistant)

Miss Amy Brown (Care Assistant)

Mrs Sally Richardson (Teaching Assistant and Nurture Lead)

Mrs Michelle Barker (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Paula Ellis (Teaching Assistant)



Mid-Day Supervisors ('Pink Ladies' as we like to call them):

Mrs Pauline Williams (Head Mid-day Supervisor)

Mrs Tina Taylor, Mrs Jill Cooper, Mrs Carrianne Dawes, Mrs Sue England, Mrs Theresa Bear, Mrs Jane Brogdale, Mrs Ann Chappell, Mr Chris Gregory, Mrs Talitha Wilkinson, Mrs Lisa Moore, Mrs Lesley Birkin, Mrs Claire Burchell, Mrs Gemma Frost, Mrs Sandra Jones, Miss Susan Peat, Mrs Kay Reeve, Mr Carl Shaw, Miss Stacey Yemm


Our very own Bob The Builder, or Milkman as he is known to Foundation Stage:

Mr. Stonham (Premises Manager)


Our fabulous cleaners:

Mrs Tina Taylor (Senior Cleaner)

Mrs Jill Cooper

Mrs Theresa Bear

Mrs Carriann Dawes

Mrs Louise Parker

Mrs Lesley Birkin


Our Masterchefs:

Mrs Kerry Lee (Catering Manager) - Maternity Leave

Mrs Stacey Farooque (Catering Manager)

Mrs Samantha Linacre

Mrs Cyke Benjamin-Daley

Miss Sharon Ward