Friday 27th March 2020

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Thursday 26th March 2020

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Wednesday 25th March 2020

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Work for Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Work for Monday 23rd March

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Welcome to Owls and Orangutans 

Teacher - Mrs Laity and Teaching Assistant - Miss Key

Teacher - Miss Evans and Learning Mentor - Miss Anderson

Home Learning Work 

Please feel free to email Miss Evans or Mrs Laity if there are any concerns with the work set below.

This page will be updated daily with work. There is a mixture of work to be written in their green exercise books or online (PurpleMash and Times Table Rockstars). Children should all have their PurpleMash log ins at the back of their home/school diary, however, they were given an extra copy along with their GREEN exercise book. Where work has been set online, children will need to log into the relevant program (PurpleMash/Times Table Rockstars), for Purple Mash - children need to click on the red icon (top left corner) which says '2Dos,' where they will see their daily tasks, named below. 


Monday 23rd March 2020 - work above 

Tuesday 24th March 2020- work above

Wednesday 25th March 2020 - work above

Thursday 26th March 2020- work above

Friday 27th March 2020

Reading - Character description

English - Write instructions (Purple Mash)

Maths - Times Table Rockstar battle - OWLS vs ORANGUTANS (Friday - Monday)

SPaG - The dog and the ball (Purple Mash)

Topic - What do I know now? 


Currently Orangutans are winning on Timestable Rockstar! Remember you have all weekend. 

Enjoy your weekend and look out for new work for Monday 30th March 2020. 


Friday's at school tend to be Maths orientated in year 3, please encourage your child to practise their current times table as well as the ones attached. 


Get Active with @thebodycoaches work out at 9am on YouTube.

Look out for Miss Anderson challenge activity today - you are turning into 'nature collectors.' Miss Anderson would love to help you with this task if you are struggling, or to look at your final creations - email: 

Something else that our Year 3's may like, is a story read to them - follow the link (copy and paste into your browser):


Our topics:

Autumn Term

Let's Rock- What Makes The Earth Angry?

We will be discovering how the Earth is formed and what is underneath our feet. In science we will be investigating rocks and soils. We will find out how fossils are formed. Our key texts will be Escape From Pompeii and Stone Girl, Bone Girl. We will also look at Light and Shadows and create our own Christmas decoration. 

Don't forget to come to our Harvest Celebration- Easy Peasy, We've Bean Blessed. 

Spring Term

Scrumdiddlyumptious- Watch Us Grow 

We will be learning how plants grow and how they are constructed. In geography we will find out where our food comes from. We will locate Britain and European countries on a maps and look at their physical features. In design and technology we will be making a 'healthy snack'. Our key texts will be George's Marvelous Medicine and The Bean Machine. We will also visit Domino Pizza. 


Summer Term

Stone Age, Bone Age- Who First Lived in Britain? 

We will be studying the history of Britain and its first inhabitants, We will then study the chronological occupation of Britain by the Romans. We will be reading a variety of poems and the book Flat Stanley. In science we will look at fores and magnets. In computing we will learn how to stay safe on-line. 



As a class we have created our own charter which all the children have signed to say they agree to. A copy of the Behaviour Policy can be viewed  on this website.

Helping your child with their learning...

To help your child with their learning we have created a handy guide. Please click on the link below to access this. 

 Parent Guide



This half term most of our school boosters will take place after school between 3:15-4pm (please check the permission letters, which you signed and returned, for dates and times).

In the afternoons, Miss Key and Miss Anderson will work with children for boosters in Reading, Writing, SPAG, Phonics  and Maths. Children also have the opportunity to access extra  support during assembly times. Groups will be reviewed each half term.



Please can we stress the importance of the ALL the homework we ask your child to complete.

1. All children should read daily. Even if your child is a confident reader, they should be reading independently to encourage a love of books and a greater understanding of the written word. Children should record their FAB4 reading in their Home-School Diary. There are four spaces in the book for each week. The Home-School diaries will be collected in every FRIDAY. If your child's diary has been completed, and signed by an adult, they will receive a stamp in the back of their book which goes towards your child's FAB4 reading reward.

2. All children will receive weekly spellings. These will be set on a Thursday  and tested on a Thursday.

3. Each Wednesday children receive a piece of Numeracy or Literacy homework. This is due in on the following Tuesday.

4. Times tables will be tested each week.  Please support your children and practice with them. 

Physical Education (PE)

Owls and Orangutans will be doing PE on Tuesdays  and dance on a Friday. At all times your child will need an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.

Indoor PE kit is a white T-shirt, dark shorts (black or navy blue) and trainers or plimsolls.

Outdoor PE kit is a white T-shirt, dark jogging bottoms (black or navy blue), dark sweatshirt and trainers. Jewellery must not be worn on PE days.

If your child can not take part in PE for medical reasons a letter should be sent to the class teacher.