Welcome to Year 1 - Rainbow Fish and Joyful Jellyfish

Welcome Back to school Year 1!

Friday 3rd July - Transition letter for Current Y1 pupils

As of Wednesday 17th June, Year 1 children are able to come back to school. We also have Year 1 keyworkers in school too. 

Your teachers have made a special VIDEO for you to check out all of the new changes in school...WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! :) 

Click the you tube link to see our new classrooms... https://youtu.be/H7lDsxkfKQg


Weekly Stay at Home Stars!

Each week, we will be choosing a Greenwood Stay at Home Star from each year group...

The certificate will be uploaded here!


Our Rainbow Fish Stay at Home Star this week is... Maddison! Well done Maddison! Click here for your Stars certificate.

Our Jellyfish Stay at Home Star this week is... Bethany! Well done Bethany! Click here for your Stars certificate. 


Home Learning: 

Please contact us if you have any queries or worries during this time:

Rainbow Fish- Miss Tomkinson 


Jellyfish- Mrs Preston 



Work will be added daily, have fun! 

Week 1 

Monday 23rd March.pdf

Tuesday 24th March.pdf

Wednesday 25th March.pdf

Thursday 26th March.pdf

Friday 27th March.pdf


Week 2

Monday 30th March.pdf

Tuesday 31st March..pdf

Wednesday 1st April.pdf

Thursday 2nd April.pdf

Friday 3rd April.pdf


Easter Holiday Activities
Hello everyone! Hope you are all ok and staying safe :) 
Below are some activities that you can print out or complete with your own craft materials at home.
There are also English and Maths Spring Booklets that you can have a go at completing as well !
If you complete any Easter crafting activities it would be brilliant if you could email them to your child's class teacher.
We can then Tweet them to show other schools how creative we are! 
Have fun and Happy Easter :) 


Week 3

We hope you had a fantastic Easter and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Our home learning will be set weekly  using a timetable including all the core areas of learning: phonics, reading, writing, maths and topic. This will be based around an enquiry question. 

Please complete as much as possible..... something is better than nothing at all! When you first look at the timetable do not feel overwhelmed- you are all doing an amazing job! If you need any support or further guidance please contact your child's class teacher. 

Have fun! We can't wait to see your amazing work!

Home Learning Week 3 Year 1.pdf


Week 4- W/B 27th April 2020

Book to support with Literacy

Phonics times

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons[475].pdf

Link to Phonics Lessons

Home Learning Week 4 Year 1.pdf


Week 5- W/B  4th May 2020

Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for some more amazing home learning! 

Home Learning Week 5 Year 1.pdf

Reading Books KS1 WC 4.5.20

Week 6- W/B  11th May 2020

Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend and had lots of fun!

Home Learning Week 6 Year 1 11th May.pdf

Reading books KS1 WC 11.5.20.pdf



Week 7- W/B  18th May 2020

Hope you are all having lots of fun at home and enjoying the sunshine! 

Home Learning Year 1 18th May.pdf

Lesson-1-Find-a-half Monday .pdf

Lesson-3-Find-a-quarter- Wednesday.pdf

Lesson-4-Problem-Solving- Thursday.pdf

Reading books KS1 WC 18.5.pdf

Week 8- W/B  1st June 2020

Hope you all had an amazing half term and enjoyed lots of the sunshine! Have a fab week- we can't wait to see your brilliant work! 

Home Learning 1st June- Year 1.pdf

Lesson-1-Find-and-make-number-bonds .pdf




Week 9- W/B  8th June 2020

Hope you all had a brilliant week and looking forward to another week of exciting learning! 

Home Learning Year 1 8th June.pdf

Reading books KS1 WC 8.6.20.pdf





Week 10- W/B  15th June 2020

Hope you all had a super weekend- see two exciting competitions on this weeks home learning page! 

Home Learning Year 1 15th June.pdf

Reading books KS1 WC 15.6.20.pdf





Rainbow hero.pdf

Week 11- W/B  22nd June 2020

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and looking forward to some exciting learning this week!

Home Learning Year 1 22nd June.pdf

Lesson-1-Measure-mass-2019 1.pdf




Week 12- W/B 29th June 2020
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and had lots of fun in the sunshine! 
Home Learning Year 1 29th June.pdf

Lesson 1 Count in 2s 2019.pdf

Lesson 2 Count in 5s 2019.pdf

Lesson 3 Count in 10s 2020.pdf

Lesson 4 Add equal groups 2020.pdf

Reading books KS1 WC 29.6.pdf

Week 13- W/B 6th July 2020
Hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to this week's transition days! 

Home Learning Year 1 6th July.pdf

Lesson 1 Make arrays 2020.pdf

Lesson 2 Make doubles 2020.pdf

Lesson 3 Make equal groups - sharing 2020.pdf

Lesson 4 Make equal groups - grouping 2020.pdf

Reading Books KS1 WC 6.7.20

Week 14- W/B 13th July 2020
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your transition days! 

Home Learning Year 1 13th July.pdf

Lesson 1 - Counting to 100.pdf

Lesson 2 - Partitioning numbers.pdf

Lesson 3 - Comparing numbers (1).pdf

Lesson 4 - Comparing numbers (2).pdf

Week 15- W/B 20th July 2020
Hope you all had a fantastic time doing your home learning! Have a fab summer and enjoy the rest! Thank you for an amazing year love Miss Tomkinson and Mrs Preston! 

Home Learning Year 1 20th July.pdf

Lesson 1 - Ordering numbers.pdf

Lesson 2 - Recognising coins.pdf

Lesson 3 - Recognising notes.pdf

Lesson 4 - Counting in coins.pdf

Our Team

The class teachers in Year 1 are Miss Tomkinson who is in Rainbow Fish Class, and Mrs Preston who is in Jellyfish class.

We are very lucky to have three very talented teaching assistants in Year 1;  Mrs Johnson, Mrs Gladwin and Mrs Naylor.



Our main topics this year are:

Autumn 1 - How is my life different to my grandparents?

Autumn 2 - Why are plants so important?

Spring 1 - Why can't a penguin live near the equator?

Spring 2 - What does Beegu think to life on planet Earth?

Summer 1 -Where do wheels on the bus go?

Summer 2 -Why are humans not like tigers?

 Year 1 Long Term Plan


Our newsletters are sent home termly with important events and dates for the diary.

 Please click here for our latest newsletter.


Reading is so important and we want to help you, to help your children develop a life-long love of books.

Try and support your child and help them as much as possible. The following tips should help make reading less stressful, and help your child feel like they are a successful reader.

1. Before you start reading a new book, tell them the title and look at the pictures on page.

2. Talk about what might happen in the story.

3. When you are ready to start reading, ignore tiny mistakes that still make sense in the sentence.

4. Prompt your child to look at the first sound and think about what words starting with that letter would make sense in the next sentence.

5. Re-read book lots of times to build your child's confidence. don't change them everyday!



Year 1 children have phonics lessons every day. The children learn how to recognise and segment the sounds within words and how to blend the sounds back together to read whole words. It helps children to hear and read whole words more easily, if the segmenting is done by ‘stretching’ words out rather than ‘chopping’ them up.

We use many fun and interactive activities in the classroom from the letters and sounds website. Please have a look and encourage your child to play some of these games at home. Follow the links below:





During June 2020 your child will taking part in a National Phonics Screening Test to assess their levels against other year 1 children nationally.



In year 1 there will be a focus on forming letters of the alphabet and numbers correctly. The children will be taught where to start each letter, both upper and lower , and numbers too.

You can support your child by practising these at home.


Year 1 will have PE Tuesday every week. Please make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school.

Please ensure all articles of clothing have the child's name written in them.



In year 1 the children are rewarded for good behaviour with spotty stickers. They also receive Golden Time at the end of each week to celebrate their good behaviour.

As a class they work together to achieve a class treat once a term, by achieving their class target throughout the term.

As a class we have created our own class charters which is agreed by every member of the class.



After your children’s teachers have completed initial assessments, your child will receive regular weekly homework. It is important that your child does their best to have a go at completing each piece of homework brought home.

In addition to weekly Literacy or Maths homework children are given spellings on a Friday, which should be practised regularly ready for their spellings test on the following Friday.

Your child will also take home 2 reading books that should be read daily if possible. Please encourage your children to read at home and make a note of this in their 'FAB 4' reading diary. We will monitor how many times your child is reading at home and reward them weekly and half termly for regular reading.