Welcome to Year 4!

We are Meerkats and Chameleons. 


The Year 4 Team

Our teachers are Mrs Snowden and Miss Roberts. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Golding and Miss Hipwell.



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Latest News

The children have all enjoyed the very busy Spring term including swimming lessons, our amazing residential trip to Mount Cooke and practicing for the Year 4 production of 'Pirates of the Currybean'. 

Below are a few pictures showing the fun we had at Mount Cook. 

We enjoyed the crate stacking race and being hoisted up by our friends. 

In the bush craft activity we learn how to make fire using a flint and cotton wool. 

We all enjoyed perfecting our technique at archery. 

Our topics...

Autumn 1: Ancient Egypt (Non-fiction texts and The Day of Ahmed's Secret) 

Autumn 2: Inventions ( Gadgetman by Malorie Blackman)

Spring 1: Rivers  (The Village that Vanished) 

Spring 2 : The digestive system  (The Lucky Escape)

Summer 1: Sound (The Monsters of Shiversands Cove)

Summer 2: Ancient Greeks (Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods)

To see our long term planning go to the curriculum page. 


We want children to feel more comfortable with doing homework and for them to see it more as an extension of their learning, so…


Each Monday your child  will come home with a list of spellings and will be tested on the Friday. Some may come for the Year 4 word bank and the rest will follow a particular pattern. Please help and encourage your child to learn their spellings as this is so important for their writing! Your child will also bring home a copy of their scores after being screened on the Year 1/2/3 and 4 spellings, which will show them which ones they need to practice (in whatever time they wish to use) before being screened again during the next half-term.


Maths and English

English homework – based on our class book or topic at the time, children will be given a menu where they can choose from one of 4 tasks to complete every 2 weeks, which gives the children the chance to complete a good piece.

Maths homework – children will be given a selection of tasks based on learning that the children have been focusing on at school that week. 

Children will earn raffle tickets for bringing homework in and completing it! This will give them a better chance of earning a prize from the raffle prize box!




Reading is one of our school’s biggest priorities! We want to see children enjoying reading and getting the rewards they deserve!

The Fab 4 reading records, as you know, need to be filled in 4 times a week and every week of the half-term so the children can earn the treat at the end of the half-term.

We also want to get Year 4 to the top of the reading league and earning up to 15 minutes extra play time!

We want children to read their own books, take books from school (that we’ve allowed the children to choose and order) and share them with others in the Year group. Nothing like a good book swap!

Please encourage your child to come and see us if they are struggling, we are here to help!