Welcome to Year 4!

We are Meerkats and Chameleons.

The Year 4 Team

Our Teachers are Mrs Snowden and Miss Roberts. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Golding and Miss Hipwell.

Year 4 Latest News   

Home Learning for Year 4

Our home learning will be set weekly using the timetable below.  

Each day there will be reading activities, writing, maths and an additional curriculum challenge. 

Please complete as much as possible...something is better than nothing at all!

However, please do not feel overwhelmed with the work that is provided...your parents are doing an amazing job :) 

If you need support or have questions, please contact your child's class teacher...we are always available to help. 

Mrs Snowden - esnowden@greenwoodprimary.org.uk 
Miss Roberts - aroberts@greenwoodprimary.org.uk

Your teachers would like to invite you to a ZOOM meeting.
This is a virtual/video meeting, whereby you can speak to and see your class teacher, along with your fellow classmates. A grown-up will need to give you permission to take part in this meeting as they will need to either; download the app on their phone/tablet or set up an account on the website (https://zoom.us/). You will get a reminder text to check your emails on the day. 

Step 1 - Download Zoom on either a phone, tablet or laptop.

Step 2 - Email your teacher so they can invite you and send you a link by email address.

Step 3 - Make sure you can access your emails on the date and time below to access your meeting code and password (this will be needed to join the meeting).

Step 4 - On the day, keep an eye on your emails so you can use the link to join us on Zoom! We will send the codes out slightly before the time so that you are able to join in plenty of time. 

Meerkats - Friday 22nd May at 10 am 

Chameleons - Friday 22nd May at 10:30am


Weekly Stay at Home Stars!

Each week, we will be choosing a Greenwood Stay at Home Star from each year group...

The certificate will be uploaded here and some examples of the child's amazing work from the week :) 

Our Meerkats Stay at Home Star this week is …Rhys!

Our Chameleons Stay at Home Star this week is...Adam Ma!

Click on the name to see the certificate and amazing work!



Home learning week beginning Monday 18th May, `What makes me unique?' click here for timetable 

Monday - English - `This is me!'
Monday- Maths- Summer WEEK 2- Remember to look for the correct week's work.
Monday - PHSE.
Monday - PHSE Creative.
Tuesday - Reading - `Friendship Problem'
Tuesday - English - Me and My Family
Tuesday - Creative Task.

Wednesday - English `The A-Z of Me'
Wednesday- PHSE.

Thursday - Reading `Cat School'
Thursday - English `Good Friend'

Friday - English `How can I be a good friend?'
Friday - PHSE.


Home learning week beginning Monday 11th May, `Why  do we need to make our planet greener ?' - click here for timetable 

 Monday - `What is happening to our planet?'
Monday - Maths- Week 2 Lesson 5- How to access White Rose.
Monday - Science Challenge!
Monday - Visit this website- 

Tuesday- Maths- Summer Week 1 Lesson 1 - How to access White Rose.
Tuesday - Nature Scavenger Hunt!
Tuesday - Time to Read!

Wednesday - English `What alternatives are there?'
Wednesday - Science Challenge!
Wednesday - Creative task!

Thursday - English `My Promise to the Planet'
Thursday - Look at the PowerPoint first and then complete task on Purple Mash- Science Challenge!

Remember to get yourself on TTRS- The boys are doing a GREAT job!!!

 Friday - English `Alive or Extinct?'
Friday - Science Challenge! 


Please remember to continue to access the following websites, if possble: 


TT Rockstars - https://ttrockstars.com/

White Rose (some free resources) https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/schemes-of-learning/primary-sols/


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ - Hit the button is a xtable game




https://www.planbee.com/uks2-home-learning-pack-maths (Need to add to basket but it is free)

Ask Alexa to ‘test me on maths’




Once upon a Picture

www.twinkl.co.uk/offer - Free log in for 1 month with PARENTSTWINKLHELPS code



https://www.planbee.com/uks2-home-learning-pack-english (Need to add to basket but it is free)




Once upon a Picture

www.twinkl.co.uk/offer - Free log in for 1 month with PARENTSTWINKLHELPS code



https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/ additional details on letter




Yoga - https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga & https://www.cosmickids.com/

PE game ideas (some are free and some to buy) -  www.thepeshed.com/pe-game-ideas    








COSTS https://www.planbee.com/art/ks2-art






Duolingo app


Other websites


Google – Topmarks





www.twinkl.co.uk/offer - Free log in for 1 month with PARENTSTWINKLHELPS code



Once upon a Picture

Booklet with activities for all year groups FREE DOWNLOAD TTS à  http://www.tts-group.co.uk/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites-TTSSharedLibrary/default/vaea75f5663a038b8658d258fd198e57ce70b35d6/images/homepage/My_Activity_Book_Yrs_7_11.pdf?version=1,584,037,589,000




 Click here to see our Summer 2019 Newsletter



Latest News

Spring Term 2

This half term we will be looking at 'The Lucky Escape' in Reading and 'A Journey through the Digestive System' in English. Our enquiry question for this half term is 'What happens to the food we eat?' 


This half term we have been able to visit the Mandir, when there we learnt lots about the Hindu religion and how they worship when at the Hindu temple. We spoke about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and discussed their attributes and traits. At the temple we had to remove our shoes and coats, as a sign of respect and to come into the temple clean. Some of us were very lucky and got to try to blow the conch shell, which is actually harder than it looks. At the end of our trip we walked around the beautiful shrine and were able to ring the bell at the temple to let God know of our presence. Our host at the Mandir said how knowledgeable we were and how impressed she was with how much we knew about the Hindu religion.  



Spring Term 1

This half term the children have been exploring the enquiry question, 'Why are most of the world's cities located near rivers?' In Geography the children have been locating cities, counties, rivers and mountains in the UK and around the world, using atlases and maps. 


Our text this half term is 'The Village that Vanished' where Abikanile and her family have to come up with a plan to save her tribe and the village of Yao, against the evil slavers who are about to attack and capture the villagers. 


In Maths the children have been using manipulatives and have explored how we multiply and divide 2-3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, using base 10 and place value counters. We have also started to look at Area, using post it notes to help us find the area of different shapes.  


 Autumn term 2.

This half term we are looking at the topic, Electricity and our focus question is, 'How would you cope without electricity for a day?'

Our book for this half term is Operation Gadgetman! by Malorie Blackman.

In Maths, we will be looking at units of measure, perimeter, multiplication and division.

11th November 2019. Remembrance Day.


Autumn term 1. 

Last half term the children have learnt a lot about The Ancient Egyptians, focusing on the key question of 'How can we recreate the wonder of Ancient Egypt?'.

The children have also done a great job of extending their learning at home, we had some excellent pieces of creative homework. 

In Maths, the children have been looking at column addition, column subtraction, place value, comparing and ordering numbers, as well as counting below zero and counting in 25's. 

Languages Day. 26th September 2019.

The children had a great day learning all about The Netherlands. The children learnt facts and cultural information about The Netherlands, we even spent some time learning Dutch. We also created a Dutch flag, which you can see us holding in the picture below.

Our topics...

Autumn 1: Ancient Egypt (Non-fiction texts and The Day of Ahmed's Secret) 

Autumn 2: Inventions ( Operation Gadgetman by Malorie Blackman)

Spring 1: Rivers  (The Village that Vanished) 

Spring 2 : The digestive system  (The Lucky Escape)

Summer 1: Sound (The Monsters of Shiversands Cove)

Summer 2: Ancient Greeks (Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods)

To see our long term planning go to the curriculum page. 


We want children to feel more comfortable with doing homework and for them to see it more as an extension of their learning, so…


Each Monday your child  will come home with a list of spellings and will be tested on the Friday. Some may come for the Year 4 word bank and the rest will follow a particular pattern. Please help and encourage your child to learn their spellings as this is so important for their writing! Your child will also bring home a copy of their scores after being screened on the Year 1/2/3 and 4 spellings, which will show them which ones they need to practice (in whatever time they wish to use) before being screened again during the next half-term.


Maths and English

English homework – based on our class book or topic at the time, children will be given a menu where they can choose from one of 4 tasks to complete every 2 weeks, which gives the children the chance to complete a good piece.

Maths homework – children will be given a selection of tasks based on learning that the children have been focusing on at school that week. 

Children will earn raffle tickets for bringing homework in and completing it! This will give them a better chance of earning a prize from the raffle prize box!




Reading is one of our school’s biggest priorities! We want to see children enjoying reading and getting the rewards they deserve!

The Fab 4 reading records, as you know, need to be filled in 4 times a week and every week of the half-term so the children can earn the treat at the end of the half-term.

We also want to get Year 4 to the top of the reading league and earning up to 15 minutes extra play time!

We want children to read their own books, take books from school (that we’ve allowed the children to choose and order) and share them with others in the Year group. Nothing like a good book swap!

Please encourage your child to come and see us if they are struggling, we are here to help!