Welcome to Foundation Stage 1 - Caterpillars


Foundation Stage 1 Latest News

Please take a look at our latest newsletter for important dates and notices.

Summer 2 Newsletter.


The Foundation Stage 1 Team

Our Teachers are Mrs Torr and Mrs Hurd.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Johnson, Mrs Darrington and Mrs Jordan.

Our Language Lead is Mrs Ellis.

Mrs Torr and Mrs Hurd are the keyworkers for the Red Caterpillars.

Mrs Darrington is keyworker for the Purple Caterpillars. 

Mrs Johnson is keyworker for the Blue Caterpillars. 

Mrs Turner is keyworker for the Green Caterpillars.



Our topic for Summer 2 is "Minibeasts"

Week 1 - The Bad-Tempered Ladybird

Week 2 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Week 3 - Lifecycle of a butterfly

Week 4 - The Very Busy Spider

Week 5 - Superworm

Week 6 - Summer 

Week 7 - We're going on a Bear Hunt


Long Term Plan

Please see our long term plan for further information.

Foundation Stage 1 Long Term Plan



Foundation Stage Parent Guide 

Take a look at our Foundation Stage 1 Parent Booklet we made as a quick guide to Foundation 1...click on the link below:

Foundation Stage 1 Parent Guide

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 - Butterflies



Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 - Butterflies

Foundation Stage 2 Latest News

Spring 2 was a fantastic term. We learnt all about Space and Spring! We discussed ways in which we can help our planet by recycling. We had a visit from Lecky the alien! We found out all about Neil Armstrong and how he was the first person to go to the moon. The term was finished off by learning all about the season Spring! During our Summer 1 term our topic is 'Who lives here?'. 

Here are the notes from our Phonics parent workshop. Download them here

The Foundation Stage 2 Team

Our Teachers are: Miss Moore, Mrs Gilbody and Mrs Torr;

Our Teaching Assistants are:  Miss Richards, Mrs Jermy, and Mrs Turner. 

Our Language Lead is Mrs Ellis.


Our topic for Summer 1 'Who lives here?'- Homes and Gardens

Week 1 - My home.

Week 2 - Peace at last and Dandelions

Week 3 - London focus- The Queen - Robin Hood - Local history

Week 4 - Jasper's Beanstalk and Oliver's Vegetables

Week 5 - Little Red Hen

Long Term Plan

Please see our long term plan for further information. This years cycle is Year 2.

Please click here >   Foundation Stage 2 Long Term Plan 

Further Information

Please remember to check your child's Tapestry profile! Feel free to add any photos of your child learning at home.

Here is the Summer 1 curriculum map for our topic 'Who lives here? - Homes and Gardens'.  


PE is on a Thursday during the Summer term, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. This can be kept in their locker. Please also ensure your child does NOT wear earrings on PE days.


It is so important that your child brings their book bag to school EVERY DAY. Please also check book bags regularly for letters.

Thank you